Best Card Games for Camping


Card games are a timeless way to pass the time and have some fun while camping. You’ll find various camping-themed cards, from those suitable for kids to those who enjoy a more adult-centric game with friends. Cards Against Humanity is a popular choice, but consider these more traditional games the whole gang can get into.

Crazy Eights

One of the best card games to bring camping is Crazy Eights. This fast-paced card game requires flipping cards and battling other players; it can be played with one to four people and requires just a deck of cards and some dice. All that’s required to get started is some deck cards, some dice, and an empty space on your table top. Crazy Eights involves flipping cards to determine who wins!

Crazy Eights is a great game to play with everyone from young children to grandparents. It’s an easy-to-learn and guaranteed to bring out some laughter from everyone involved!

Kings in the Corner

Are you searching for an engaging card game that will keep you captivated for hours on end? Look no further than this classic trick-taking classic. In this contest, whoever discards their entire deck first wins!

Learning this game is simple; all it takes is a few minutes to understand the rules and get going. Perfect for camping trips, as set up and takedown are both a breeze – plus, it’s tons of fun!

Would You Rather?

This campfire-friendly question-and-answer game is a beloved favorite among many families. It’s an ideal opportunity to make new friends while also having some friendly competition going on.

Phase Ten

This is a strategic game that can literally last for hours, so grab those snacks and drinks, because you’re in it for the long haul! Each player has to achieve each phase in succession and the player who reaches Phase Ten and gets the least points (yes, we said least) wins!

Fan Tan

Fans and Tans is an entertaining card game suitable for both children and adults. It requires two truths about each player, so you can learn something about those you’re camping within no time!

Playing quizzes and games with your camping companions is a fun way to test how much knowledge you possess about them, and who knows, you might just learn something interesting that you never would have discovered otherwise.


Feeling silly? Try playing spoons. This game is super simple to learn and fast to master, though it may be a bit chaotic at times.

Playing this game entails sitting in a circle and starting with some spoons in the center of the circle. Once you have four spoons, it is time to begin flipping cards – the faster you flip, the more chaotic and exciting it gets!

You can have any number of players, though it’s best to have more than three so everyone has a chance to grab a spoon quickly! This game will test the patience and strategy of all of your fellow campers. To play, each person will hold a card in their hand; the first person to guess the correct number of spoons wins.