Top 10 Tips for Road Trips


Road trips are the best way to explore the country. You can get in touch with your inner Kerouac, explore new places and meet new people. However, if you want your road trip experience to be nothing short of amazing, planning ahead is key. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your next trip:

Get your vehicle or RV checked before you leave.

Before you hit the road, you’ll want to make sure that your car or rig is in tip-top condition. A road trip is a great time to perform some maintenance on your vehicle. Make sure you check:

• Tire pressure and tread depth, as well as alignment and suspension
• Brakes and rotors (you can get a brake inspection at most auto parts stores, or take the RV in to be serviced)
• Oil level and condition of filter, transmission fluid level (if equipped), power steering fluid level (if equipped), brake fluid level
• Coolant/antifreeze levels (if equipped)
• Battery terminals (recharge and clean if necessary)
By checking these things before leaving on a road trip, you can ensure that your vehicle will be safe for travel.

Set a budget

Setting a budget before you begin your trip is incredibly important. It can help you avoid spending too much and arriving at your destination in debt. The easiest way to set a budget is by using an app such as Mint or Personal Capital. These apps allow you to track your spending habits and set alerts when your finances get out of control.

Once you’ve decided on how much money will be spent on each category (e.g., food, campground, attractions, etc.), try sticking with that amount until it’s gone—no matter how tempting it might be! If this means eating leftovers one night instead of going out for dinner, then so be it!

Be Prepared for No Cell Phone Service

If you’re planning to go on road trip in areas that don’t have cell phone service, use this time to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can also use this time to read or listen to music. It truly is a great way to unplug from all the noise of social media and click-bait headlines.

Let Others Know where you’re going

It’s always a good idea to let family, friends and even work colleagues know where you are going. Not only does it give them peace of mind but it means that if something does happen, people can be in touch with each other quickly.

Bring Exercise Equipment

If you’re going to be traveling for a long time, it’s important to stay active and healthy. To do this, bring along some exercise equipment.

• A jump rope is a great way to get your heart rate up and keep moving while on the road. It’s small enough that you can store it easily in your bag or trunk, so there’s no excuse not to use it!
• A yoga mat is great for comfortably doing stretches, or your yoga/Pilates routine.
• Resistance bands are also an easy way to stay active as you travel—and they take up very little space in your car or truck!

Get creative with games for car trips

Have you ever been on a long drive and felt like your mind is going to implode from boredom? Well, don’t despair! There are plenty of ways to make the time fly by. Games are great for keeping the kids entertained, but adults can also get in on the fun! Here are some of our favorite games for car trips:

• I Spy – This classic game has been around since before cars were invented. As long as there’s something interesting in view, it’s sure to bring about some laughs.
• Password – A good way to keep everyone involved in one game is by switching it up every once in a while with Password. Have each player whisper their chosen word into an earpiece or headset so that they’re only heard by that person who then repeats their word out loud several times until someone guesses correctly (or gives up).
• Charades – This game works great if you want something more challenging than simply whispering words into ears like with Password. One person acts out their word while others guess which one is being acted out by saying its name over and over again until someone guesses correctly (or gives up).

If You Get Tired, pull over

If you’re feeling tired, pull over at the next rest area or gas station. You can take a nap, eat something, drink some water and get back on the road when you feel ready. Or let another able driver take the wheel for a while.

Chat With Locals

On your road trip, it’s important to talk with the locals. Ask them for recommendations of places you should visit in their town or city. You may be surprised by their suggestions!

Another idea is to ask them about local history and culture: What makes this place unique? Where do people like going out after work? Is there anything special going on tonight?

Plan your trip, but allow for free time

Planning is important, but don’t be too rigid. You’ll need to leave time for the unexpected and spontaneous. You might even find that you have your best moments when you’re not expecting them, so try to keep an open mind when it comes to allowing yourself some free time.

Make Fun a Priority

You’re going on a road trip, so make sure to remember the most important thing: fun. This can be difficult if you’re worried about getting lost or spending too much money, but it’s important that you don’t forget to have fun!